Blathering on

So, apparently blogging is dead. So, what better time for me to get right back into it?! It’s like that time I got into Breaking Bad the day after the last episode aired. I’m always a little bit behind what’s going on and i’m fine with that. I can even blame it on my age now that I’m officially in the last year of my 30’s.


I’m in the last year of my 30’s AND DON’T I KNOW IT!

If i had a quid for every time someone has referenced my 40th to me since I turned 39 a week ago, i’d be… a bit better off. It’s so bizarre, but people really enjoy doing it! I’m not sure what my reaction is meant to be? Am i meant to be pissed off that I’m ageing rather than the alternative? Am I the only one who has birthdays? Why is 40 such a funny age? It’s all very odd but i’m delighted to be such a joy to you all.

Well, where have i been (said none of you)? Well, since I last sat here and blogged in February, I’ve just been plodding about being Mum and actively thinking about what the next step should / would / could be.

I’ve come to the conclusion that in some way or another, it will probably be writing. That way, i can justifiably stay inside my house. I probably won’t do too much in the way food blogging as i think that ship has sailed and possibly even sunk. But hopefully more writing and for the third year running I’m considering studying for my Masters (writing for script and screen if you’re interested, my degree was in Media Arts with Studio Production). It’s so f**king expensive though, that I need to be 100% sure. So, i’ve been getting some advice and almost all of it sounded like this: just sit down and bloody write. Get some words down. Write about anything. Get back on your blog and blather on about anything.

So, here I am, blathering on. About anything.