Who dat? ME! LIA! The owner of this lonely, cobweb covered blog. 

It's been ages, hasn't it? 26th September to be exact and truth be told, i'm not sure i'm going to keep up tapping away at this keyboard to add content here. I mean, I used to love blogging, but once I switched from DIZZY LOVE ICY to Tangerine Canteen via Wordpress, the moon, the planet Zog and Mars, before finally landing here on Square Space, I've kind of got a bit 'meh' about the whole thing. Plus, i lost a whole bunch of content (2 years worth or something - all portfolio stuff), which really took the wind out of my sales and made me just want to give up all over again.

--- Yep, this is a brain dump. Move along if there is anything more interesting you could be doing, AKA ANYTHING ELSE!!


I dunno, it feels like the good old days of blogging seem like they are long gone and now, unless it's your job, it feels a bit pointless at times, for me at least. I don't read half as many blogs as I used to and i don't really miss it. I feel like I keep up with all my faves via Instagram now and I interact with the people I admire a lot more that way.

I especially feel this way about food blogging. The market is SATURATED now and i don't really feel like there is room for me. When I sit and consider the amount of work and time it takes to make, shoot and write up a recipe, it feels a bit like a waste of time, especially when you know there are probably at least 1000 bloggers out there making the same thing, probably better and more creatively.

But, maybe all is not lost? Maybe I will keep this space and take it right back to the old school? Maybe i'll just use it to document what's going on in the day to day? Maybe, because it isn't my job, or any source of income anymore, it doesn't need to be so curated?  Hmmm?

Maybe that's it? Maybe that's what i'll do with this now? 

Let's see. As you were...