Autumn 2017


Here we are then, Autumn! Kids back at school, one of them Secondary (don't - i'm still genuinely losing sleep over f**king bus routes) and routine has fallen upon us, once again. My house is quiet between the hours of 9 and 5 and I can take the time to do this again. The summer was filled with semi-hot days, visits to London, Sussex, Dorset and Devon and we even managed to miss the awful heatwave as we were in Norway! Now, that's planning for you...(I melt at anything about 18c, ha!). 

So, what's new? Well, before we broke up for the summer I got chatting to a mum at school and after a couple of coffee meet ups, lots and lots of chatting and some rather excited planning, we've decided to start up a little Supper Club. It's very early days and things probably won't start moving until October but it means that i've spent the summer day-dreaming, planning and most importantly, eating! 

I'll be sharing some of my experiments over the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. So that's it for now, I'm keeping it brief as it's almost time to get the girls and I need to pop into my favourite little shop on the way to pick up some goodies and hopefully, inspiration! The kids want to attempt their own vegetarian souvlakis this evening and i'm feeling more than a little lost! 

See you soon,

Lia x

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