My Kitchen Favourites

So, here are a couple of things that I have in my kitchen at all times, if I can help it. I use pretty much all of them daily with maybe the exception of the Hungarian paprika paste (8) as that's a little trickier to get my hands on, so I have to hold back! 

  1. Umeboshi Plums - I take one of these little salt-pickled plums every other day with a glass of warm water, usually in the morning as the first thing i do. Umeboshi plums are said to prevent fatigue, stimulate digestion and help detoxify. To be honest, I first bought them because I was intrigued as to what they might taste like & it turned out i loved them!
  2. Tick Tock Green Rooibos Tea - This is one of my favourite teas. The heath benefits of green rooibos are only marginally less than standard green tea but because it's caffine-free, I can drink it right up until i crawl into bed if I want to.
  3. Ruby Sauerkraut - I absolutely love sauerkraut and when I don't have any of my own on the go, this one is my favourite brand to reach for.
  4. Organic Turmeric - I honestly can't imagine my days without a couple of glasses of turmeric water or a golden latte. The supposed health benefits of turmeric are well documented but I just love the stuff, regardless.
  5. White Chia Seeds - These get sprinkled liberally on any salad or inside any sandwich I make at home. I love them stirred into porridge, made into puddings or stirred through any granola bars i'm making for the kids.
  6. Coconut Oil - eat it, cook with it, stir it into your tea, swill it about your mouth, moisturise with it... anything - I used it all the time.
  7. Miso Soup - The yellow one pictured is a fave and handy to keep in your bag because it's a box of individual wrapped sachets. If i'm at home though, I have a big jar in the fridge which I make a cup a day usually. It's good for my tummy!
  8. Eros Pista (Hungarian Paprika Paste) - I consider it a total luxury having this in my kitchen!! It's hot, salty and totally moreish. I think you're meant to use it in cooking etc, which I do sometimes, but usually it's spread on some sourdough before I smash some avo on top or in a hummus and salad wrap. Amazing stuff if you can find it - Amazon / Sous Chef would be my best bet.