A BRAIN DUMP (a big one)


Well, well, well I haven't been here for a while! Half-Term has just been and gone here and it was one of those ones where we didn't seem to rest at all! It was jam packed full of birthdays, trips to London, family visits and god knows what else. So, I feel knucking fackered.

I'm also feeling pretty toxic - i feel like i'm eating and drinking all of the wrong things so today (after this vegan burrito, ahem) I'm going to set about making some changes. That's why i put a pretty picture of some beetroots up there for you. I think i'm probably lacking in iron or something too, or possibly just not getting enough quality sleep, but things have gotta change. I'm 37 and I feel 87, and that's not good. 

oh, and also WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY TIME?!?! I don't know either! Well I do, I'm reading everyone else's blogs instead of writing my own, that's what. I just feel like i've lost my way a bit in this blogger world and I wonder if anyone really needs another food / nonsense blog in their life? All the blogs I read just make me what to copy them, rather than think for myself, and that's not the aim of the game, is it?! I want a job! I want a job that lets me arrive at 09:30, leave at 2:30, have every school holiday off and lets me be creative... WHO DOESN'T LIA? I know, I know, but i just don't know what to do? Re-train? As what? This week i have considered:

- nutritionist (inspired by feeling like shit all the effing time) - florist (because, i probably saw it in a film or something and thought "looks cool" - cafe owner (ok, this has been a dream since I was 10 years old it just hasn't come true, get your violins out) - market stall holder selling salads (too scared, what if no-one buys it) - childminder (are you kidding me?! NO WAY) - Yoga something or other (ignoring the fact it's been 12 years since I've properly practiced with any kind of regularity) - and photographer (because I watched Stepmom and thought i could pull it off because I have a girl crush on Julia Roberts)

SO NOW DO YOU SEE?!?!?!?!? Arrrrrrrghhhh........ actually, this is quite cathartic, maybe i'll just do this, ramble away to you lot.