Tangerine Canteen Notice Board 4

  1. I love metallic fabrics, so this bag would suit me just fine - isn't it gorgeous?!
  2. Prosecco Floats? Yes, please! (and what a pretty spillage!)
  3. This is a very cute & pretty D.I.Y. from the Crafted Life.
  4. I am always a little bit gutted that being a pescatarian, I missed out on the whole pulled pork circus. Well, not any more with these Chipotle Pulled Portabello Sandwiches. I might make these tonight!
  5. I really love this pretty card by Lucy Driscoll. It reminds me of the finale of Breaking Bad (I'm still not over it!)
  6. I really, really want this tee from Burger & Friends. If it's on sale, it's meant to be, right?
  7. This amazing weather we're currently enjoying, deserves an amazing beverage! This looks awesome...