The Weekend


  1. I need me some new sneaks. Anything New Balance will do me just fine.
  2. It's a cocktail heavy notice board this week (call it research!). This Margarita looks beautiful & I've never tried a Gin Fizz before, but the one on this awesome Classic Cocktail Guide looks so pretty!
  3. I got sent a fun wall sticker from Cut It Out! I love it and it was so easy to put up (once i'd actually watched the instructions - ha!) and they are such good value! I'm going to order a couple more soon, once I've made my mind up - they have a massive collection! Thank-you!
  4. I recently tried a Negroni for the first time, whilst visiting The Canary Gin Bar, & I loved it! I like the idea of this Aged Negroni (and what a beautiful illustration by Tuesday Bassen).
  5. These sunglasses? Yes please!
  6. I am in love with Camp Brand Goods, we need it here in the U.K!!
  7. Did you ever see a prettier dessert than this Hazlenut Frangipane Tart? I'm loving the fact that it's gluten-free too :)