1. When you make a promise as a food blogger to make more salads, then you absolutely need to purchase some pretty salad servers! These literally 'fell' into my online shopping trolley this week ;) 2. I saw this on pinterest recently, and now I'm a big fan of Marc Johns! I may have to get this (I love how someone has had it tattooed on them!) 3. I discovered the blog Treasures & Travels this week, and I'm kind of stalking it at the moment! I'm hoping to make their simple chocolate with the kiddos this weekend. I promise to share... 4. I had a happy mail day a couple of weeks ago when I received some HealGel Eye cream to review. All I can say is SOLD, to the exhausted Mum-of-three! This is seriously good stuff. Light  to apply and within a couple of days it delivered results that I could notice. It would take a lot to persuade me to use anything else in the future, that's for sure. 5. We ate out at the Bath branch of The Stable a couple of weeks ago, and it was awesome. We enjoyed the cider tasting board and The Avonmouth Angler pizza. I like places that really do source their ingredients from local farms and businesses. I can't wait to go back! 6. Speaking of local businesses, we tried some British Halloumi from Homewood Cheeses earlier this week and it was delicious! I'm hoping to pick up some more, for a new salad recipe. 7. And finally, here's a cool DIY I think even I could manage!