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Here’s a really delicious option for vegan fajitas. Leave your mushrooms to marinate in the herb and spice mix with some extra virgin olive oil, whilst you make the rest of your fillings, then stir-fry just before you want to serve.


served with maple-spiked black beans, pico de gallo & lime-pickled cabbage.

Makes 8


  • 250g chestnut mushrooms, brushed and quartered

  • 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

  • 1 tsp onion salt

  • 1 tsp smoked paprika

  • 1 tsp dried orgeano

  • 250g cherry tomatoes, quartered

  • 1 white onion, finely diced

  • 25g fresh coriander, leaves chopped

  • 2-3 limes

  • small red cabbage, halved and shredded

  • tinned black beans

  • 1 tbsp maple syrup

  • Flour tortillas, coriander leaves and hot sauce to serve.


  1. First up, marinate your mushrooms in the olive oil and onion salt, paprika and oregano mix. Set aside.

  2. Heat your black beans over a medium heat with the maple syrup. Add a small pinch of salt and let them reduce down - about 15 mins.

  3. Meanwhile, add your shredded cabbage to a large bowl and sprinkle with a small pinch of salt, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and the juice of 1 -1/2 limes. Using your hands, scrunch the cabbage together and set aside.

  4. Make the pico de Gallo by combining the quartered cherry toms, the diced onion and the chopped coriander. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and squeeze over the juice of 1 - 1/2 limes.

  5. When your black beans have reduced, turn the heat to low, give them a stir and keep an eye on them whilst you stir-fry your mushrooms. You will need to do this over a medium heat with a little oil.

  6. Once cooked, serve your mushrooms, pico de gallo, marinated cabbage and black beans with the flour tortillas, extra coriander and lashings of hot sauce. Tapatio or Cholula being my faves.



Another week zooms by. Another week with this annoying cough and cold that will not leave me alone. I’ve upped my kombucha and apple cider vinegar intake, like the desperate hipster I am so desperately trying to be, so lets see what happens next week. I’m expecting to wake up on Wednesday being 24.

Anyway, here’s some of what I’m currently putting on my face, my face that definitely isn’t 24 (until Wednesday).

In no particular order and not all at once:

  1. Pixi Double Cleanse.

  2. Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara

  3. Nip and Fab Glycolic Pads

  4. Pixi Glow Tonic

  5. Lacura Caviar

  6. Stila HD illuminating beauty balm.


Six Two.jpg
  1. I’ve been after a Scamp and Dude swag bag for ages and now the mini versions have gone in the sale.

  2. I’m currently on a bit of a health kick which is a bit boring at times and I definitely didn’t eat three packets of pickled onion Space Raiders today - no siree! One thing that is cheering it up a bit is trying out booze-free tipples to have in the evening. This Danish beer, Drinkin’ the Sun from Mikkeller is on my wish-list.

  3. I have just bought Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat and it is the most beautiful and informative cook book I have ever seen. The four-part series on Netflix is also brilliant! I highly recommend both (i’m watching the Salt episode again as I type. Ha!)

  4. Ahhh, I am desperate to get my hands on some Milk Make-Up. I especially fancy the smudge stick and this Lip and Cheek tint.

  5. This is quite an old link, (only two years, I’m still current and hip, phew) but that’s because I haven’t been able to get the goddamn things out of my mind! I mean, look at it and it’s vegan! No, YOU’RE licking your laptop screen…

  6. I wonder if there will ever been a day when I walk into a Habitat store / click on the website and there will be nothing I want to buy? I’m thinking no… This bedspread? I feel like they designed it for me.


Who Asked You?.jpg

This week, the questions put to Thomasina Miers in The Sunday Times magazine 3rd March 2019.

What childhood memories do you have of being in the kitchen?

Growing up, my mum had two dishes that I remember eating (cheese and bacon open flan and boeuf bourguignon) but we never spent any time together in the kitchen. My nan was, and still is a great cook and I remember watching her make food for my grandad. Although I don’t have that many memories actually helping her, I remember having my own wooden spoon which had a circular end!

Who influenced your cooking the most?

In all honestly I have to say Jamie Oliver. It was his shows in the early 00’s that got me interested in food. When I left for uni, I couldn’t really cook anything. I had worked in cafes since I was 14 but it was just jacket pots and fryer food so I never really learnt about timings or ingredients etc. When I met my husband in ‘99, I offered to make him a fry-up one morning even though I didn’t have a clue! I had to ask him to help me because I didn’t even know what to do with the mushrooms! Then, a couple of years later for my birthday, his mum bought me Jamie Olivers Happy Days with The Naked Chef and I made a ‘cress and potato salad’ - I thought I was a culinary genius!! Even now 20 years and three kids later, I refer back to Jamies early books.

What was your favourite childhood dish?

Probably my mums open cheese and bacon flan, which we renamed homemade pizza. However, I used to stay at my nan’s on Saturdays and I always asked for jacket potato with prawns and a massive salad. I LOVED salad as a kid!

What’s your most useful and useless piece of kitchen kit?

I genuinely don't think I have anything that I don’t use all the time, although my husband bought a meat thermometer that has just sat there for years not doing anything.

Which item in your fridge would you rather not admit to having?

Cheese strings or any lazy lunchbox thing that the kids have begged for!

If I wasn’t a cook I would be?

A blogger answering questions aimed at a cook.

What ingredient is underrated?

Lentils! So cheap, so versatile and so easy! We eat them a lot in different guises.

What food is overrated?


Do you listen to music when you cook?

Yes, my kitchen is never silent! The first thing I do when I get downstairs in the morning is put the radio on - it signals the start of a new day. I do love a podcast too - Table Manners, The High Low and This Might Get Weird being my top three.

What food could you not live without?

Preserved food! I love anything pickled or brined. My absolute favourite treat are Umeboshi Plums, which are salt-pickled Japanese plums. They sound all kinds of wrong I know, but to me, they are delicious.

What would your desert island meal be?

Prawn tacos, pico de gallo, refried black beans, with loads of limes, loads of coriander. The tacos must be authentic soft-corn and charred slightly, the prawns will have been marinated in smoked paprika, onion salt and dried oregano. I’ll need lashings of hot sauce and endless Margaritas made with Casamigos Blanco. YES PLEASE!

What did you learn from Wahaca’s norovirus outbreak?

That it had absolutely nothing to do with me, this blogger answering questions aimed at someone else.

If you had £5 to make dinner, what would you buy?

Chilli, lemon and lentil soup.

If you could only have one for the rest of your life, would it be bread or potatoes?

Potatoes! A life without crisps and chips? No, thanks!

What was the first and last cookbook you bought?

The first one I bought for myself was Nigella Lawson How to Eat and the last was Ottolenghi Simple. I’ve just ordered Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat.

What’s your go-to drink?

Water (yawn) but I also love Green Tea (I know)… My absolute favourite tipple however, is a really good 100% agave Tequila or a good Sotol.


Sunday Six1.jpg

Hello, hello, hello!

Back in the days when I blogged all the time, it was because I had a laptop. Well, guess what? I got a new MacBook for Christmas and after a brief spell in the Apple hospital, it’s in my clutches! So, you lucky peeps might notice that it becomes a little busier around here again. Well, aren’t you the lucky ones.

I don’t know what might go here, possibly more food writing / recipe sharing. Maybe diary inserts? Maybe? I don’t know, lets see. I’m hesitant to tie myself to anything because, well, we all know I make these big claims and then do nothing…

No rules. No promises. No rota. Just blathering on.

Like today and this post… six things I’m into at the mo. Six for a Sunday, maybe? Is that a bit naff? Who knows, who cares?

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar drinks. My friend Kate got me into this. Well, I say got me into it, I haven’t tried it yet, but i’m here for it. She’s been mixing her vinegar with all sorts of charming ingredients such as hibiscus and the like. I’m going to make some of these for Dry Feb (I made that last bit up) and this website looks like it’s got some good ideas. Why drink cider vinegar? Answer here.

  2. Queen Caitlin of Moran. I love her. She’s one of my besties along with Claudia Winkleman, Sam Chapman and Sali Hughes. We hang out a lot reading the papers and drinking tea and putting the world to rights and when i’m not making up total BS about fictional squad goals, I make sure I always read her column.

  3. Yes, I do have these in pink, well spotted! However, these are in acid-yellow and I think i’d duplicate most of my possessions if it meant they all got an acid-yellow twin. On sale, here. IT’S A SIGN!

  4. I can’t link to this as I think it was just one of many zombie Pinterest searches, probably along the lines of something like ‘bag, oversized, grey’. I’m nothing if not creative.

  5. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t listen to podcasts and ‘This Might Get Weird’ is the one I look forward to the most each week. I’m a long time fan of Mamrie Hart - I think she is one of the quickest, funniest comedians around and she should be your ears as of yesterday.

  6. Pixiwoo. Pixi, pixi woo. I am SO late to this party but love these clever ladies. Did you see the article in the Times Magazine last week? Check it out if not because it’s a success story and a half. Also, Sam’s home tour on YouTube this week? Amazing.

Blathering on

So, apparently blogging is dead. So, what better time for me to get right back into it?! It’s like that time I got into Breaking Bad the day after the last episode aired. I’m always a little bit behind what’s going on and i’m fine with that. I can even blame it on my age now that I’m officially in the last year of my 30’s.


I’m in the last year of my 30’s AND DON’T I KNOW IT!

If i had a quid for every time someone has referenced my 40th to me since I turned 39 a week ago, i’d be… a bit better off. It’s so bizarre, but people really enjoy doing it! I’m not sure what my reaction is meant to be? Am i meant to be pissed off that I’m ageing rather than the alternative? Am I the only one who has birthdays? Why is 40 such a funny age? It’s all very odd but i’m delighted to be such a joy to you all.

Well, where have i been (said none of you)? Well, since I last sat here and blogged in February, I’ve just been plodding about being Mum and actively thinking about what the next step should / would / could be.

I’ve come to the conclusion that in some way or another, it will probably be writing. That way, i can justifiably stay inside my house. I probably won’t do too much in the way food blogging as i think that ship has sailed and possibly even sunk. But hopefully more writing and for the third year running I’m considering studying for my Masters (writing for script and screen if you’re interested, my degree was in Media Arts with Studio Production). It’s so f**king expensive though, that I need to be 100% sure. So, i’ve been getting some advice and almost all of it sounded like this: just sit down and bloody write. Get some words down. Write about anything. Get back on your blog and blather on about anything.

So, here I am, blathering on. About anything.